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As Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is coming to a close, we wanted to share some of our favorite APA owned businesses and people, as well as some mental health resources! We love to reflect upon our identity and remind ourselves to be proud of our cultural roots, so we are super happy to share our favorites this month!


We are so excited to introduce to you one of our FAVORITE human beings, Shelly Kim aka @LettersbyShells! We talk about how you can turn your hobby into a full time business. Especially what we've learned as bosses to our own businesses and the realities to pursuing doing what you love for a living.

Listen to our latest episode with her:



#72: Hobby to Business

Feat @LettersbyShells


Asian Owned Business:

There are so many products and businesses that I personally love so it's hard to choose! But really wanted to highlight the ones that fulfill both me loving their product and them happening to be Asian owned! What a great time to support them <3



They're from LA and are fruit only aรงaรญ and smoothie bowls made with in house ingredients! They also have a mobile grocery that delivers fruit and veggie boxes that you can preorder! We did that for Mother's day because my mom is really into making jam and omg the people there (shoutout to Stephanie and Bryan) for being so accommodating and personable with our order. They really went out of their way to make the box extra special for her by including free homemade granolas + extra strawberries to make chocolate covered strawberries! SO DELICIOUS.


This has been my favorite go to cold milk tea for years. Just something about it being the refreshing balance of creaminess + lightness. Some creamy milk teas are waaaayy too heavy and makes you feel like you just drank a whole meal. But the Mountain Green Tea is accentuated by the sea salt cream oh so perfectly.  Vs the Jasmine Green tea is a bit too floral for me. I also get it with 50% sugar and less ice. Try it!! 


Regina and I both LOVE LOVE LOVE Krave products. Not because Liah Yoo (the founder) is our friend, but because she knows what she's doing. I have super sensitive skin so it's hard for me to find products that don't irritate my face. This everyday cleanser is really gentle but also does an amazing job of cleaning the makeup off! The Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleaner has been my everything for the past 2 years now.

Mental Health:

This section is dedicated to my mental health favorites that have really helped me. It makes a huge difference in being able to process your feelings and relate to others who are wanting to connect on a deeper level.


If you're looking for a space to get support and really get deep into what we as Asians DON'T usually talk about, this is it. I've learned so much from this group and people genuinely just want to be there for one another. It helps you really feel heard and be able to provide support for others as well.


First off, we love our sisters over at ABG. They have amazing discussions that bring awareness and context to subjects that really help our community. This episode in particular really resonated with me because we got to hear answers to all our therapy related questions like how much is it? Does race matter in finding a therapist? How can therapy really help us, our families and our community? So helpful!


I'm so excited for Angela's new podcast and I'm not even a mommy! Well I am a puppy mommy. I love her intention to having vulnerable conversations around motherhood as well as being a woman. I believe it's through these kinds of conversations that help us grow together and better understand different stories that make us all better humans to each other <3



The boba milk tea deprivation is really starting to settle in, so I've been making my own at home! WuYuFan makes the BEST ready at home boba. You boil it for 3 min on medium heat and 3 min on low, throw it in an ice bath and pour it into your favorite tea! I've been loving black tea that my relatives in China gave us with oatly and mixing water with muscovado sugar as my sweetner!


From one of the pioneers of beauty on Youtube, Michelle Phan's Em Cosmetics Illustrative Felt Tip Liner is a must. As a self proclaimed cat eye expert ;), this liner gives that pigment punch we're all looking for while staying put all day! Love that I can really get the perfect line for my monolids and have a liquid eyeliner that doesn't dry out after two weeks. A staple in my make up collection and love supporting Asian American female bosses!


I've been obsessed with Ashley from BestDressed for a while now. From her sense of humor to her fashion to her choice in tv shows and complete honesty, she's been so much fun to watch! I always get so much fashion and video inspo from her, and truly admire her incredible cinematography and work ethic. Love that she's so raw on her channel, she makes me want to cry, laugh, and just embrace life.


I've always loved playing ping pong, but recently I've been upping my game and playing several times a week with my parents! I've always thought that ping pong wasn't much of a workout, but my parents are both SO good that I'm usually drenched in sweat. I still have yet to beat them even though I've gotten faster, but I love being able to improve on a sport my parents played growing up :)


SHELLY KIM aka @lettersbyshells:

Shelly is a dear dear love of ours and our featured guest on this week's episode #72: Hobby to Business. She is a self made entrepreneur, hand lettering artist, author, podcaster, and educator. Her entire business is centered around spreading positivity and girl does she live it! 

True to Shelly's generous nature, she has provided free download templates just for the PIP FAM below! Enjoy!


Practice hand lettering with this free template designed by @LettersbyShells!

Trace, follow, and repeat!


Free download just for you to use in your journal!


For more of these templates or to sign up for Shelly's workshops, be sure to follow her @lettersbyshells


Both of us are currently getting therapy through BetterHelp and it's truly been so helpful. You get to release and address whatever you've been stuffing deep down and really clear that space. Your therapist helps you by asking questions to target the heart of the issue and you feel less alone and less helpless.


Weโ€™ve partnered up with BetterHelp, an online therapy platform that allows you to connect with a mental health professional within the comfort of your own home!

If you are interested in trying it out, visit
betterhelp.com/pip for 10% off your first month!


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