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Hope you’re all staying safe, healthy, and indoors (for those of us who are lucky enough to do so)! We’ve been in shelter in place for over a month now, so for April's second edition we wanted to share with you some of our favorite things that have sparked lots of joy in our lives! Hope some of these things bring you guys joy too <3

Before we jump into it, we wanted to share we just released a new episode today! You can listen here!







Jrodtwins cover of β€œChange” by Justin Bieber

I have been playing this song over and over and over again! Perfect MOOD song during this time.



I love following artists on IG for inspo, AWW moments, and to share with friends.

These are some whose art or crafts makes my heart sing with joy!

IG: @_monicakang

I adore Monica to pieces! Whimsical, kawaii, sweet. Plus she’s the artist behind all those dumpling + milk tea lights. And yes I own both (plus the little dumpling keychain)!

IG: @nicolebeingsketchy

NICOLE is one of my favorite human beings alive. She’s just so freaking funny + witty! Just .. just go look at her amazing creations!

IG: @allaboutami

Not only is Stephanie SO SO talented, she’s also such a beautiful soul! I get so inspired by her crochet, knitting, and amigurumi dolls.

Bonus: she has the cutest fam!


Mimochai’s care package set is not only the cutest but honestly the most thoughtful! If you wanted to send a loved one some sunshine and warm hugs in a box, this is perfect!

Or use it as inspiration to make your own!


Magical Moment:

I have to end it with this DisneyWorld Fireworks show. It honestly gives you all the feels. Hope it makes you feel inspired, joy, and magical <3




Fleabag on Amazon Prime - I am so late to the game, but I watched this show in its entirety in one sitting. It’s 2 seasons, 6 episodes each, ~30 min each episode, and it was brilliant from start to finish. The writing is quick witted and fun, with some dark elements woven in. She has the tendency to break the 4th wall and give you, the audience member, a glimpse into her world and what she’s thinking about while the scene is happening, I adored it and have already rewatched it twice!


Lauv (Spotify) - I’m so obsessed with his songs! His new album β€œHow I’m Feeling” is just the pinnacle of millennial problems/quarter-life crisis. My favorite songs are: Feelings, Mean It, and Changes. He perfectly encapsulates this weird time of being in your 20s, looking for love, trying to figure out your career/life, and so much more. His music is really easy to listen to and always gives such good vibes! 


Now that the weather is warming up, exfoliation is KEY for my VERY oily skin! This has been a long time favorite of mine, the First Aid Beauty Skin Lab Resurfacing Liquid 10% AHA.

It helps keep my skin smooth and pores clear! I ran out 2 months ago and have been dying for my Sephora Spring Sale order to get in so I can get it back into my routine!

At Home Workout:

I did my first Chloe Ting workout, and I can’t stop! I love the pace of her classes and she uses a lot of moves I’ve never done before! This 30 min one totally kicked my butt:


Been doing a lot of her ab workouts too! This is more of a beginner one:


And this is definitely more of an intermediate one (I was struggling to keep up):


I’ve been doing them through FaceTime with my friends on mute, or just doing them on my own! It’s been a great way to break up my day from work mode, to after work mode, and now that we’re at home all the time, it feels good to move my body more. I’ve been working out more consistently over the past 3 weeks and already feel myself getting stronger! It’s been a huge help to clearing my mind and putting me in a better mood too :)


We recently opened up our Instagram for you guys to submit questions so we can answer them in our newsletters! If you ever have a question, feel free to leave a comment/DM us on our IG or email us at theperfectlyimperfectpodcast[at]gmail.com

Question #1:

How do you girls cope with stress/anxiety? I try meditation but it doesn't seem to work much for me. I do Zumba and it helps me destress but not enough. Any ideas would be great!

- Maggie V.


First things first, change up your environment or activity! If I’m feeling really stressed about projects I’m working on, I try to step outside and take a breather (sometimes even sitting in another part of my house works too haha), maybe do something creative that you enjoy, or working out! I’m also the type of person who likes to talk it out, so calling/texting a friend tends to put me in a better mood too once I’m able to talk through what is giving me stress or anxiety. I think the best way to start destressing is spending sometime away from screens and social media, and find activities in which you invest in yourself <3

Question #2:

Hi! I just recently went through a break up and I was looking for advice on getting over a broken heart and moving on. How do I learn to love and focus on myself?

- Kenny K. 


We’re so sorry to hear that. Knowing that you got to this point, it probably is the best thing for you two at this time. And keeping that as your main focus will help so much. As hard as it gets to move on, just remember that you guys reached the point of breakup because something just wasn’t working anymore. Let yourself grieve and go through that process of feeling your emotions. Once you do that, then you have the space to really self reflect and focus on yourself with clarity.

Good questions to ask yourself then are:

  • What did you like or didn’t like about your behaviors in that relationship?
  • Looking back, what were the qualities you absolutely loved in a partner vs. ones you couldn’t stand?
  • What were some things you needed in that relationship + past relationships that you wished your exes did? Ie. Spent more quality time, encouraged you more, had more patience, listened…
  • What did you learn about yourself?

These answers then become the roadmap of how you can start loving yourself + improve as a person. The very thing we long for from others is the very thing that we long for from ourselves. The only difference is the love given to ourselves will be full, lasting, and ever flowing.

If you take away anything, just know how incredible of a person you are. No you’re not perfect. No one is. But you’re learning, growing, and trying. And that’s what love is all about. Especially learning to love yourself. When you can see and embrace that fact for yourself, then it’s contagious to people around you.



We’ve partnered up with BetterHelp, an online therapy platform that allows you to connect with a mental health professional within the comfort of your own home!


Regina here: I just had my first session and it was such a huge release, I literally feel so much lighter. I also definitely cried within the first 10 minutes, but it felt so good to talk about feelings that I have been avoiding since moving back home to LA. It was time to practice what we always preach on PIP of incorporating more ways of self care and self improvement through the means of digging deeper, and I’m already looking forward to my next session!

If you are interested in trying it out,
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