Catch up sesh! How are you guys? HUGS!

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A big reason for creating a newsletter is to find a better way to connect with you guys, beyond the podcast and IG. Consider this our way of texting you or jumping on the phone to check in and catch up! So you feel less alone and know that we’re out here thinking of you.


It’s been a very overwhelming time with an abundance of information that is constantly being updated every few minutes, so I’ve been trying to stay balanced between being as productive as I can and letting my mind rest. It’s a day by day struggle, some days I’m ready to take online marketing classes, start my website, film a YouTube video, and work out, while on other days I’m laying in bed til noon and doing my skincare routine is enough of an accomplishment for me!

One thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve been having the craziest dreams during quarantine! They range from neighbors trying to attack my home to being invited to John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s beach house for an afternoon soirΓ©e. Through the years of PIP, I’ve come to realize that my feelings lie in my subconscious - on the day to day, I don’t feel super anxious, but I think deep down, the craziness of this pandemic is making me feel a lot of fear. So during this time, let’s all remember to be kind to ourselves, be productive when you can, lay on the couch and watch Netflix when you can’t. We’re in this together, so let’s flatten the curve and stay home <3

Here’s a photo of the garlic, olive, cheddar, and rosemary bread I baked!

And a photo I took after sitting in my backyard for 3 hours

I love being at home, even before the pandemic.

So in a way, the self quarantine life hasn't been a big change for me other than not being able to see my family + friends in person to give them big bear hugs. But I completely embrace the fact that if that's the sacrifice it takes on my end so that it helps more vulnerable people get less exposure to Covid, then I am more than happy to do it!

The overload of information released on the daily has been a bit much so I've learned to try and balance that by doing more creative things like crafting, learning more photoshop, and cooking.

Also, Jack, Koko and I recently moved to a new place! It was something that was planned before all this and to even move was a feat. But it’s been such a good way to cleanse and purge 5 years worth of stuff from our old apartment and really make this new place a fresh start to a new chapter.

Here’s a photo of my office!

KOBE in the houuuse! That was my gift to Jack for his birthday this year.

All the pink, mint, and grey to my heart’s desire <3

Like I mentioned, I've been crafting more lately. One of the benefits to organizing all my endless craft supplies (like the craft hoarder I am). Here’s a sneak peek of what may be coming to a PIP shop near you soon!




A year ago, I was just starting off my life coaching business (which includes one on one clients, my own podcast xoxo Christine, and Patreon). I was in a world of self criticism and doubt. What am I doing? Who would want me as a life coach? Will this business work out? What do I know about starting a business? What if this fails?

And through this past year, life was like ok girl. Sit down, do you, and learn. We’ll figure it out together. JUST TRUST THE PROCESS!!

Now a year later, I have over 20 clients, I started a LLC (as well as paid taxes accordingly like a big girl), started my own podcast, have monthly group coaching sessions, and am working on in-person workshops which are currently being pivoted to online!

Honestly, especially through this pandemic, I realized life coaching is exactly where I’m supposed to be at. And I couldn’t have planned or foreseen that for myself even if I was looking for it. I found, even through this time, more people have reached out and become clients because of this space that opened up for self reflection and wanting to gain clarity for themselves. Gaining clarity to questions like:  How can I live my best life especially during these moments of crisis? What is important to me? What am I doing? What have I been doing? And how do I want to move forward with confidence?

So with all the twists and turns, staying curious and trusting the process has helped me tremendously to take leaps of faith with courage so I can better live out my mission. And that’s always been having vulnerable conversations and digging deeper with people to help you thrive.


One year ago, I had moved home from NYC not too long ago and was feeling helplessly lost. No direction of where I wanted to go, overwhelmed by all the expectations (both internal and external) of who I β€œshould” be at this point in my life, and utterly feeling stuck. PIP had just started Season 3, so that gave me some semblance of a schedule, but I was feeling so much doubt in projects that I had wanted to start on my own.

I have always so desperately wanted to fit into the mold of what society says a woman β€œshould be,” but there was a huge part of me that was longing for acceptance and belonging. That’s when the idea of a clothing line became more clear to me, inspiring women to feel confident through the power of fashion and body positivity. Though this is only the start of my clothing line journey, I am starting to realize that this drive has always been inside of me, but instead, I allowed my insecurities to override that passion.

Since then, I have taken design classes, produced samples of my designs, worked with my first intern who helped me lay out the foundations for the visuals, and worked with ethical factories abroad. Though this pandemic has put a pause on some of the production, I’m still in awe at the fact that something that started off as a dream and a hope is slowly coming to fruition. I’ve also started to spend more time building out my YouTube channel and am learning to be more confident and patient with myself. It’s still an ongoing process, but I know that I am moving in the right direction. Can’t wait to share it with you all soon!


This is one of Christine’s favorite snippets from one of her FAVE books ever, What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey. Hopefully it helps you not only during this time but also in how to deal with fear overall.


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We love you guys. Stay safe + healthy + indoors when you can <3



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